Ornamental Iron and Metals

metal wall art template for houston plasma cutting

Houston TX Decorative Cut Metal

Houston Plasma Cutting cuts custom metal designs that are displayed and used in many ways.

At Houston Plasma Cutting, our decorative cut metal and ornamental iron is used for decor such as wall panels, window art, walkway art, wall art, indoor and outdoor furniture pieces and more.

Designs can be submitted to us and cut beautiful pieces or we can help give guidance and provide some templates to choose from.

Custom Metal Signs for Business in Houston

One of the custom products available at Houston Plasma Cutting is custom cut metal signs for businesses in Houston.  We are able to take a design and cut it into metal for signs needed.

Houston Plasma Cuttings solution offers the capability of cutting through various material, such as: carbon steel, aluminum and other metals.

Plasma Cutting for Custom Cut Metal Decor in Houston Texas

Houston Plasma Cutting produces custom metal work for various different clients that vary from metal fabrication companies in Houston to contractors in Houston TX and more.

Using Houston Plasma Cutting can benefit any custom metal cutting job.  We remove the need for tooling and can easily cut complex shapes.  Our plasma cutting is precise and accurate.

Pricing for Custom Metal Cutting

Contact Houston Plasma Cutting today for a free quote on any custom metal design cutting.  Simply fill out the quote request form below.